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How To Protect Adsense Invalid Clicks Activity

How To Protect Adsense Invalid Clicks Activity, this is the most asked question in the group nowadays.
If you are working on Adsense for a while then you must hear or experience invalid clicks activity on your Adsense.
This is because you share your website's links with your friends or other online haters and they start bombing your Adsense because of any personal problem/issue with you.
You are not alone, This is not just your problem.
Almost everyone faces this problem, this is why the old guys of the field don't share their websites link with anyone and keep it hidden from online friends (especially from haters)
In order to be safe from this problem, you need to keep these things in your mind.
1) Don't share your website on facebook and don't give your haters a single chance to destroy your online business.
This way you won't face any problem (in many cases)
But !!!
But, this is not a permanent solution because your competitor could be your hater too.
So he can bomb your Adsense in order to destroy your earning source so may he can take your place.
or what you should do if your Adsense is already getting some Invalid Clicks?
How To Protect Adsense Invalid Clicks Activity


Okay, be ready for the solution.
Before Reading this solution Note that
  • This is a WordPress Plugin which provides the Solution.
  • So it would only work with WordPress.
  • If you are using blogger or any other platform then its time to move on the WordPress.

This Plugin Name is Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring Master.
Prevents you to be banned and excluded from your AdSense account due to malicious third party clicks on your website.
Why do you need it?
  • Prevent malicious clicks by bots on your Ads
  • Prevent malicious clicks by human user on you Ads
  • Prevent clicks by friends on your Ads who want to “help” you.
  • Prevent unintended clicks by your own
  • Block your own IP
  • Use custom name for your ad block class
  • Blocks a comma-separated list of specific IP´s including * detection of your own IP
  • Export all clicks to CSV
  • Export all blocked IP addresses to CSV
  • E-Mail notification for malicious activity on your site

How it protects your Adsense
  • Disable Ads when a user clicks multiple times on them
  • User will be banned and blocked for further clicks
  • Manual blocking by entering a list of several IP addresses
  • Automatic Unblocking of IP addresses
  • Support for third-party caches like W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache
  • See URL and path of clicked ads
  • Statistic and analytic: See all clicks on your ads, sortable by IP, URL and Time
  • Works, even without reloading (jQuery and Ajax)
  • Works with every Theme
  • E-Mail notification for blocked user
  • Activating and disabling of all Ads with one click
  • Use it in content, sidebars and widget sections
  • Simple installation and setup
  • No garbage left: Removes all plugin tables and settings in the WP database when uninstalled
  • Service and support by the author
  • Periodic updates and improvements.

…and the last but most important:
* It protects your AdSense Account from getting banned
How does it work?
The Plugin counts all clicks on your Ads. When the clicks exceed a specified number it will be deactivated and hidden. The clicking user or bot will be blocked on an IP basis for further clicks. At the same time, the plugin sends you a notification by email.

How to Setup?

Simply Install this plugin and it will provide you a code,
put that code before and after your Ad Code.
For Example:
<div class="cfmonitor">Your Ads Code Goes Here.</div>
That's it, Guys.
I Hope all of your queries are clear now
Best Of Luck.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Best SEO Practices - Rank # 1 On Google

Step by step guide

No Technical skill is required for SEO.
I will try my best to make it as simple as possible.
It would be a written guide and after learning and proper implementing this guide, you can easily rank a medium competition keyword.
Practice is just to get some experience of SEO & all of your SEO related queries will be answered here in the group.
Here is what you will learn in this whole Guide.
I've divided the whole process of SEO into 5 Major Modules.
  • Module1: SEO BASICS (Getting Started with Seo)
  • Module4: ON PAGE SEO
  • Module5: OFF PAGE SEO
Now, let's dig deep into the details of each Module.

MODULE1: SEO BASICS (Getting Started with Seo)

As you know its BASIC SEO, so we will start from the very basic of SEO because many members even don't know What SEO is. How SEO works, and why you should choose SEO from the hundred of methods as your Professional Career.


For Now, keep in your mind that Niche means Topic to understand what I'm talking about here.
In this Module, we will talk about Niche only,
What Niche is (in depth) all its Basics, Different Easy and Unique methods to Research for the Niche in no Time.
Niche Research is very important and Basic of SEO (Most People Ignores) because there are some niches which Google don't like,
So if you start SEO without knowing the Basics it can waste all of your Hard Work.
So make sure to Follow the Basics before going to the ON PAGE and OFF PAGE because this is a BIG misconception about SEO that OFF PAGE is all matter in SEO, which is not true you have to follow each and every step of SEO in order to get good Response from it.


Here comes my all-time favorite Part, Keyword Research.
This module contains two parts, Keyword Research and Competition Analysis.
At First, we will talk about Keywords Research:
Keyword Research is a must thing before getting started into the SEO or before starting a new website you can say.
More than 50% SEO depends on the keyword research,
if you start a website without keyword research your site can be lost on the internet, I'm saying this because I have seen many newbies quitting SEO just because they don't take Keyword Research Serious.
They did proper on-page and off-page of the website but the basic (keyword research) of the website was not on the right path/direction.
Keyword Research is something you need to put all of your attention before starting a new website otherwise your website/blog could be lost on the internet too.
In this Keyword Research Part, we will learn the different methods of Keyword Research, which keyword to take and which keyword to leave, types of keyword research and the basics of keyword research.
After keyword research, we will jump into the Competition Analysis Part.
Because it's much important to choose a Good Keyword otherwise your page can take up to 1 year to Rank well on Search engines.
So, in this part, we will have a look a Good and Bad Keywords, what to choose and what to leave, how to manually check keywords competition because keyword research tools are the myth.
After looking into the detail of all these factors then we will decide should you choose a keyword or leave.
Best SEO Practices - Rank # 1 On Google

Module 4: ONPAGE SEO

There are two types of SEO, ON PAGE and OFF PAGE.
This module is the longest Module of all the time and trusts me you will enjoy it.
This module is divided into the two main parts, Ranking Factors, and On page. I have added Ranking Factors part in this module because you must have knowledge about which things will help you in ranking and which thing can drop your rankings.
once you will get to know that these are the ranking factors then we'll move to the onpage. How you should write the article, what things to note while posting an article, How to optimize the content etc.

Module 5: OFPAGE SEO

there are more than 200 ranking factors in SEO but offpage is one of the strongest SEO factors, you can say ranking much much difficult without offpage seo or you can't rank a site without offpage.
That's it. this is how SEO Guide will work and I hope it would be much beneficial for you guys.
Let's Rock'n Roll and Grow together in SEO.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to configure outlook email account

How to configure outlook email account

Nowadays the Microsoft outlook is used as the email portal for getting emails on a desktop not always opening the browser and then open the mail account every time so for that you need to download the office that includes the outlook in it. Once you download the office then you need to start configuring the outlook account. We set up the Outlook 2010 to receive and send the emails of the account in outlook. Here you can follow the steps;

Step 1: First, open the outlook 2010 on computer next step is to add the email account.
Step 2: Click the file and then click on the Add Account.
Step 3: Then you can click on the "Manually configure server settings" and after that click on next button.
Step 4: Click on "Internet E-Mail" and then click on the next button.
Step 5: Then you need to provide the account information

User information
Name: Insert full name
Email address: Insert the email address.
Server information
Account type: two options one is POP3 that means your email download in the outlook. otherwise select IMAP your emails remain on the server.
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:

Login info
Password: password of your email.

Here are the images you can view from them to get the better idea.

Step one:
How to configure outlook email account
Step two

How to configure outlook email account
Step 3

How to configure outlook email account

Step 4

How to configure outlook email account

Step 5

How to configure outlook email account

Step 6

How to configure outlook email account

Step 7

How to configure outlook email account

Step 8

How to configure outlook email account


How to configure outlook email account

This is it. Keywords Searchedoutlook settings, outlook email settings, outlook 2010 help, create outlook account, google outlook, install outlook 2010,outlook email server.

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How to integrate Gantt Chart Jquery?

How to integrate Gantt Chart Jquery: Gant chart jquery is the plugin that is used to display the data in graphical user interface. Gantt Chart jquery plugin work on the almost every web browser Firefox 4+, Chrome 13+, Safari 5+, Opera 9+, IE 8+ also on some other web browsers the jquery Gantt Chart plugin works fine.

how to integrate gantt chart jquery?

Download Plugin

Click here To Download

Gantt Chart Jquery Plugin HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Site Title</title>
<meta name="keywords" content="<?php echo $meta_keywords ?>" />      
<link href="<?php echo CSS; ?>calendar.css" rel="stylesheet">
<!-- Set the path of files that are needed -->
<script src="<?php echo GANT_MASTER.'js/jquery.min.js' ?>"></script>
<script src="<?php echo GANT_MASTER.'js/dataDaysEnh.js' ?>"></script>
<script src="<?php echo GANT_MASTER.'js/dataHours.js' ?>"></script>
<link href="<?php echo GANT_MASTER.'css/style.css' ?>" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="<?php echo GANT_MASTER.'js/jquery.fn.gantt.js' ?>"></script>
<script src="<?php echo GANT_MASTER.'js/jquery.fn.gantt.min.js' ?>"></script>
<script src=""></script>
<body class="overflow-hidden">
<div id="ganttChart"></div>
<div id="eventMessage"></div> 

 Gantt chart Jquery Plugin Script

$(function() {
"use strict";
source: <?php echo $data; ?>,
//    source :[
//            {
//                "desc":"596",
//                "name":"Duplex-2016-4-D-596",
//                "values":[{
//                        "from":"/Date(1464616800)/",
//                        "to":"/Date(1470837600)/",
//                        "desc":"Description",
//                        "label":"Example Value",
//                        "customClass":"ganttRed"
//                    }],
//            }],
navigate: "scroll",
scale: "days",
maxScale: "months",
minScale: "days",
itemsPerPage: 20,
useCookie: true,
onItemClick: function(data) {
//alert("Item clicked - show some details");
onAddClick: function(dt, rowId) {
alert("Empty space clicked - add an item!");
onRender: function() {
if (window.console && typeof console.log === "function") {
console.log("chart rendered");
selector: ".bar",
title: "I'm a popover",
content: "And I'm the content of said popover.",
trigger: "hover"

Gantt Chart Jquery Plugin Php

$data = array(
"from" => "/Date(".(strtotime($val['dateOccupied'])*1000).")/",
"to"=> "/Date(".(strtotime($val['dateReleased'])*1000).")/",
"desc" => "Description",
"label" => $val['GuestFirstName']." ".$val['GuestLastName'],
"customClass" => "ganttRed",
return $data;
how to integrate gantt chart jquery? 

Gantt Chart Jquery Features

  • Gantt Chart can read the JSON data.
  • Gantt Chart can paging the results.
  • Gantt Chart displays different colours for each task.
  • Gantt Chart displays short description as hints.
  • Gantt Chart marks the holidays in graphical user interface.
Gantt Chart Jquery plugin is one of the famous plugin and mostly using the plugin so I here try to explain each and everything but If you find any difficulty just comment below I will help you in detail and as soon as possible. You can search for reading more material about by just writing the quries gantt chart jquery plugin, gantt chart jquery ui, gantt chart jquery free, html gantt chart jquery, bar chart in jquery, jquery gantt chart example, jquery gantt chart open source, javascript gantt and much more you will get the reading material of good quality. You can further study about php quries.
Quries in php ...!

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How to install and configure the xamp Server?

How to install and configure the xamp Server: Many developers and students that are getting into the PHP development they first need the local server for the development environment so that they can work in the development environment.
  • First of all, you have to download the xamp server. download link
  • Once you download the setup of xamp for your operating system then you can install by clicking next button. It will install with default settings.
  • After the installation completion,  you will run the xamp control panel .
Xamp is the package software that contains the Apache, Mysql, and FTP server.

How to install and configure the xamp Server?

  • Click the start button for `apache` and also for `MySQL`.
  • Then open the browser and write the localhost it will show this localhost page.
Now you have two main views one for MySQL database that you can access by
Xamp is the standard software for all the developers and operating system that is used for the development. Create the PHP file then opens that file in browser by
It will open the PHP file and you can start your development.

Common Issue xamp and skype conflict:

Whenever we are running the skype on the system then we run the xamp server so we get the conflict that the apache is not running. Because the both skype and xamp are using the same port number for solving this issue we can change the port number via in xamp or from skype we are changing the skype port number.

  • Go to Tools > Options > Advance > Connections
  • Then you can see the window appears like in below
How to install and configure the xamp Server?

Uncheck the box use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections. 
Write the port number that you like then you have to restart the server see the Apache server is running properly. You can search for reading more material about by just writing the queries how to configure xampp on windows 8, how to configure xampp on windows 7, down xampp, what folder do you use for projects in xampp?, localhost URL xampp, xampp tutorial pdf, localhost xampp not working, amp localhost, and much more you will get the reading material of good quality. You can read about more study of curves.
Queries in MySQL database...!
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Mysql queries in php and codeigniter

Codeigniter is the PHP framework that uses the pattern for database records. This pattern allows information to be retrieved, inserted and updated in your database with minimal scripting. Database connections are too easy to connect with database most of the things are already done in the framework we will show you that in later tutorials. This framework uses the pattern of MVC that means model, view, and controller.
We can use the crud by using the MVC method.

Selecting Data
Inserting Data
Updating Data
Deleting Data

Mysql Quries in php and codeigniter

Usage of Mysql queries

these are the main quires in a database in MySQL, code igniter or any other language every time most of the user interact with these quires.
Select Query: Select query is used for the selection of data from MySQL database table and use it in any other place where you require the data. Like in web application, the user profile data that displayed on this profile front end that is saved in the database and select query select the user profile data and bring in the view and developer show that data in appropriate place.
Insert Query: Insert query is used to insert/save the data in a database so that the user can retrieve and manipulate the data when he needed. Like in web applications the user came on the site and him sign-up on the website then he adds the data of a user in the database. He can access that data when he required it.
Update Query: Update query is used to update the records that are already inserted in the database when the user require this. Like in web applications the user have the access that he can edit his profile so the data need to be updated in the database also.
Delete Query: Delete query is used to delete the records from the database when data became raw for a user. Like if someone wants to close his account or he wants to cancel his order for some item that he ordered then the data needed to be deleted from the database.

All these queries have little bit different syntax in different languages but have the same concept and logic. Near about every web application uses the database for saving manipulating and retrieving the data from a user and perform actions on it. The database is the part of the application. You can search for reading more material about by just writing the queries MySQL w3, MySQL queries pdf, MySQL queries examples, MySQL queries interview questions, MySQL queries list, MySQL queries interview questions and answers pdf, MySQL join queries, MySQL queries tutorial and much more you will get the reading material of good quality. Next post of MySQL database queries.
Different types of queries with examples...!

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